M.E.A.T. was established in 1945. In the early 50s it started the production of the first carburettor spare parts. In 1985 D.O.RI.A., a company producing fuel filters, was incorporated. From that moment, the company developed in two directions: carburation, today evolved into spare parts for fuel injection; and filtration, improved with the production of advanced filters that meet the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001. At the end of the 90s, the brand HOFFER PRODUCTS was created, outlining the ambition of  the Company in becoming a reference point for the electrical parts. Since 2010, the Group has been producing EGR valves, creating close collaborations with Tier 1 suppliers and car manufacturers, and it has been consolidating its business in several countries through the establishment of local branches.
Today, thanks to its experience, the Company operates on the market with more than 25.000 items available on stock.




logo_rivistaProduct quality and technical training lead the company vision. To ensure the high-quality level of its products and an effective technical support to the customers, the Group promotes several training sessions, held by the company’s engineers, who have advanced knowledge of the Automotive world.
Moreover, the Group magazine, Overview, communicates to the customers the technical information that is needed to understand the evolution of the market.